The Tower Journal

Dirk van Nouhuys


The sun eyes, blesses
hills, valleys, trees; our eyes probe

A late cicada
touches a chrysanthemum.
Each sighs for buds, for sun.

In the old, white village: all ice. Under the snow
streams burn where they merge.

Showers rain down snow.
Urgent hands roam down valleys
where deltas reflood.

Copyright © 2016 Dirk van Nouhuys

Dirk van Nouhuys is a native of Berkeley with a BA from Stanford in creative writing and an MA from Columbia in contemporary literature. He worked for decades as a tech writer and manager. A few years ago, he devoted full time to fiction.  He writes short stories, some experimental forms, and occasionally verse, but mostly novels, which have been published in excerpts or serially. About 70 items of fiction and a few poems have appeared in literary or general magazines. He occasionally publishes translations and photography. You can learn more about him at his web site,

The Tower Journal
Winter  2016