The Tower Journal

Ardita Jatru

Last song

take care of me,
please brush my hair by your thin fingers
because for you I've created a canticle.
Come on, sponge me down for the last time
and forgive me darling as you forgive the rain
when it overturns the leaves on the ground, unwittingly.
Inside the drawer there is a Music Sheet,
open it to the last page and sing it without sound.
Receive it as a gift,
and then tell me,
if it lacks something to be perfect.
an apple is waiting to be peeled. Peel it!
In the vase, the flower is eager for some water. Water it!
White scarf, which isn’t put on for two winters, put it on you!
And now, open the window darling
to enjoy the melody of the forest
as it is getting in the nude this season.
Oh, inside my head there is just silence.
Do you feel the trembling of air?
It’s the breath of God.
Your face is his imagery!
I was lost without you, Ana,
mooncalf as a blind, miserable as a deaf.
the dog is whining,
it warns the pilgrimage of the soul.
What is beyond the forest, Ana...?

Translation from Albanian into English by:
Laureta Petoshati

Copyright © 2016 Ardita Jatru

Ardita Jatru is an Albanian poet. She was born in 1972 in Tiranë, Albania. Her passions include photography, writing, traveling and time with family and friends. Her poems have been published in these internacionals magazines: Knot Magazine (USA), Section 8 Magazine (USA), Dead Snake (CANADA), Madison Lake & Erotic Anthology Poetry (USA), 1947 Literary Journal (USA) and Duane’s PoeTree (USA). Her poems are also published in Poetix (Greece), Poiein (Greece), Maison de la Poesie Anthology (Belgium), Le capital des most (France), Haemus Review (Romania) and Les Folies- Erotique (France). She lives with her husband and two daughters in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Her poems are translated in English by Laureta Petoshati.

The Tower Journal
Winter  2016