The Tower Journal

Mimi White

Three Tanka

(from The World Disguised as This One)

I did not see
the white-tailed deer until
they ran high-stepping
through the new grasses―
why just a glimpse, I cried

I did not see/ the white-tailed deer until
Artist: Kate Knox

When I resist
December’s fierce clarity
a sparrow pecks in dirt
reminding me to feed
this hunger I have for less


When I resist
Artist: Kate Knox

When I saw the boat
tipped on its side a ghost
entered our story―
it did not matter
that the tide would right it
When I saw the boat
Artist: Kate Knox

Copyright © 2016 Mimi White                                                                                                                                     
Copyright © 2016 Kate Knox

Mimi White is the author of six collections of Poetry: Into the Darkness We Go (Cougar Press) and Singed Horizon, which was selected by Robert Creeley as the recipient of the 2000 Philbrook Poetry Award The Last Island, which was awarded the 2009 Jane Kenyon Award for Outstanding Poetry, Memory Won’t Save Me, a book length haibun, and The World Disguised as This One are published with Deerbrook Editions. Her poems have been published in many literary journals, including Field, Harvard Review, Poetry and West Branch. She has received a NH State Fellowship in Poetry, and was the Poet Laureate of Portsmouth, NH from 2005-07.   Kate Knox is a Graphic Designer, Fine Artist, and Poet. She holds a BFA from NH Institute of Art. Her works have been shown in many galleries, including 3S in Portsmouth, NH; The Barn Gallery, Ogunquit, ME; Studio 350, Manchester, NH; and Boston Printmakers, Cambridge, MA. Her work has also been published in The Cafe Review, Ayris magazine, and Luna Luna magazine. She lives in Dover, NH.

The Tower Journal
Winter  2016