Shandrease Cushionberry



My Dark Truth

He said to me
             you’re a rose
But life did not
             teach me so
Why would my eyes
             and my nose
Make me odd from
              All I know?

Winter I was Wondering

Can you talk
into coming early?

Is rejuvenation
too much to ask?
The barren trees
and crunchy leaves
lay lifeless in the night.

My numbing hands
and piercing toes
would welcome warming rays
of golden light.


The Process

Do you want to know the good thing about pain?
A wise man said to me,
Its temporary sting never remains
Suffering allows you to see
Lucid skies, citrine days, HIS tender touch revealed
Sleepless nights, burning sorrow all necessary to feel
A Healed mind, a healed soul, a liberated dove
Embrace the sting, relinquish thy self
Chase Truth… Discover Love.


What do you fear?
Little Blue Bird
Do you know your mother?
Your father?
Accept this as truth
I believe
I wish you would
All is well
Acceptance is truth
I assure
You and fear cannot exist with love
All is well
Little Blue Bird
You are love
All is well

The Wreath of My Love

Emerging from the pond
Fully bloomed in the rays
Lotus flower bomb
In the grass we lay
Protect me with white heather
In these summer days
For autumn will arise
Dormant begonia haze
Stagnant brumal solitude
Bring pink carnation craze
And with spring in full bloom
Withered flowers go astray

   Copyright  © 2013 Shandrease Cushionberry

Shandrease Cushionberry is an author, poet and online business owner ( Presently, she attends Southern New Hampshire University as a Creative Writing Major. Cushionberry’s short story, "Little Black Girl," was recently published in The Penmen Review. She lives in New Jersey with her two daughters and husband and is currently working on a novel inspired by her family.