Ruth Rhoten
Goldsmith, Silversmith, Painter

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Wave Bowl


  I started with 18 gauge sheet silver, 12 inches by 17 inches.  I used sandbag and steel stakes and hammers to make this piece. My hands were part of the moving. I often bend the metal with my hands or by stepping on it, if it is too hard to move by hand.  I love the curves of sea shells and waves. Sometimes I draw with pencil and paper before I start, to see curves, other times I will have in my minds eye what I want to hammer . I often spend time daydreaming the shape in all of its angles and curves. I can turn and move the image in my mind. I do not use a computer for this process. Other times, I take walks by the ocean, feel the movement of the waves or see the movement of the sand under my feet. Noticing how the rocks are smoothed by waves creating bowls of their own.



Spiral Bowl
Spiral Bowl: 12" diameter by 6" depth
Sterling Silver with gold wash inside.


Sterling Silver Goblets
Commissioned for a 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Raised cups with hollow formed handles. Lapis stones set in handles and gold plated interior of goblet.

7 inches high by 3.5 inches wide diameter



Celestial Navigation

Bracelet made with 18 karat Gold and Platinum. The Platinum spheres are set with Diamonds.

I imagine that the planets are dancing.
We study their movements but see only part of the majestic dance of the universe.

Ancient Memory

Forged 24k gold with hammered texture.
I used the hammer as a paint brush, each stroke creating movement, as I imagine Van Gogh did with his paint brush.

2 1/2 inches highest point


Sterling Silver Letter Opener

Commissioned by
Koichi Hara for his gallery,

Limited Edition of 33

All Sold

12 inches long by 2.5 inches wide


by Ruth Rhoten




The image on the left shows the incrustations from being in the sea for close to half a century. This came from a shipwreck, whose Captain collected Asian Art. There were some interesting, small, 12-inch metal figures. This one had Bronze Disease and was crusted over, hiding the beautiful textures on the flowing robe. Thanks to the Objects Director of the deYoung, Elisabeth Cornu, for her direction and knowledge. The Samurai emerged.

Bear Dream
30 inches by 49 inches

About her paintings, Ruth Rhoten says:

views of this extraordinary world
I paint
I paint with passion"


Working as a metalsmith has taught me to see beyond the restraints of the solid material world.
Metal changes it's shape through hammering, then softening with fire. The molecules shift as I hammer and heat the metal in the creative process. Constant change happens in forming the metal, even though it appears to be solid.
It moves and shifts and changes as the molecules shift and change– First soft, then hard. Within this cycle of soft and hard the metal moves and a flat sheet becomes a hollow form.
Is this magic or physics and skill?
My degree is in design with emphasis on metalsmithing. I have studied Goldsmithing and Silversmithing in Denmark and in Ireland.

I am also an expert in restoring 17th and 18th Century English silver and Early American Silver.

I create original one-of-a-kind and limited editions of Jewelry and Holloware. I accept commissions from private and corporate customers.

My work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the world in North America, Australia, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Denmark. Photographs of my work have been featured by "Elle Decor" and an article plus photographs about my work in "Silver Magazine." TV interview and documentary made of my work in 2000. Book;"The Craft of Silversmithing" displays examples of my work in the Gallery section.

My original Smithing work can be seen in San Francisco; Gallery Japonesque and Gallery 925 and in New York City; Lauren Stanley Antique Gallery

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Out of respect and security for my clients, I only make these collectors' names public with their consent.

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