Two Harbors Press
65  pages
$15.95 paperback

ISBN: 978-1-937928-46-9

Front and back cover art: Mark Hotchkiss
Typeset by Madge Duffy



Marvin R. Hiemstra is at his best in this collection of poems, serving up humor, double-entendre and hours of delight. 

Each one of the poems deals with poets and poetry, poking fun at the serious and somber attitude often expected of the genre.

Here, for example, is a line of wit  from his poem, "How to Choose a Muse."
  My last muse ran off with a monosyllabic hottie from downtown Omaha. Yikes!

And here are lines from his poem, "Just Found a Dream."
  I find myself in Extended Care for Poets.
Patients' names are boldly printed on each door:
Sonnet Surge Protector, Bard Liquid Paper, Epic
Bayeaux mouse Pad. . . .Docs and Nurses uniformed
in off-white sheets of 32 lb. Quality Laid Stonehenge

In his preface to the book, Marvin R. Hiemstra encourages the reader "to read this book aloud with all the love that is within you." That sentence could quite easily be revised to read, "with all the laughter that is within you."

The last poem in the book, "Tell Them You are In Rehab," is one of my favorites. It provides ten steps for "a poetry free life."

Here's Step Ten:
  This is the clincher! Never forget, never forget for one moment:
a poet always couplets alone.

This book offers sheer joy.  What else could a reader desire?

Reviewed by Mary Ann Sullivan
    January 2013