Katharine Gilbert


Lately, Ive been waking
                      in Paris
And walking the Rue Cambon
Waiting for my Father
                      to arrive.
Well meet again in
                      the early cold
it is a trip we must make
A long promised visit
                      to Les Halles.

His lateness does not
                      worry me
As I deep dream him
                      he shows.
Its as if I already know
                      as if Id never know.

These dreams, they come
                       in clusters
Like wild invading cells.
Did he choose this story or
                       push me to tell?

Well hop the metro
                         at 6 AM
Well feel the markets thrive.
Too many fish, tons of greens
          this really is the best
                          of dreams!

Well stroll the aisles, hell smile
                then begin to fade.
Im drifting at sea, hes gone- yet
           jolted back, the oysters!
Of course there is an R, he whispers
         as Fish Man starts his work.

Tonight, Ill wake in Paris and
                    walk the Rue Cambon
I will wait for my Father
                    and watch him arrive.
I know the end before it starts again
                    in sleep he comes alive!

Mary McBride

Who at six had stories this way
                    told withnot to
                             as old friends
                                would say.

See that memory
                floating by
                            catch it!
  Near and close your eyes.

Mary talked of Mac
                that night
               the Bellevue chaos
               the Broadway bright.

Those times we had
              before the war
                a City life!
                 I do have more
  so get my smokes, kid
                  we have all night.

In cozy chairs
while old lamps glowed
                        we sailed!

Who at six will look ahead
   to tossed out rules
                no back to bed!
 And find sweet life
            among the dead.


Copyright  2013 Katharine Gilbert

Katharine Gilbert spent many years as Head Coach of Mens & Womens Swimming at University of Pennsylvania. She was first woman to be named to that position in NCAA Division 1 swimming.

Presently she is a staff photographer for Irish Edition a monthly newspaper (www.irishedition.com)

She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, poodles & cat.