Hale Thatcher


In the meadow winds pluck the frosty bush harps
and balloon flowers inhale, swelling with light.
Now all the nests bulge with new eggs
and berries bleed on the vine.

The creeks are swollen with milk.
A parent of all the wild things I am
seasoned, ripe and earthly,
nearer the design of heaven than ever before.


The pauses and lulls remind us of being here.
We live in silence as fish live in the sea.
Its in us and under us.
It opens and closes its petals
around every tune.
Behind the noise of life
there is an empty room.

The Grain

The way that currents flow
and smoke meanders
in effortless accord.

Feel it in the yielding marble,
peanut jasper or jade.
See it in a leaf or seashell's veins,
tide lines on the sand.

In deepest sleep we are perfected.
In deepest creases of wood runs the grain.


Touched, the water flinches:
fickle gypsy of the rapids
freckled like a fawn and fat with fish.

Dawn skies hold earth in an eggshell
and from the nurseries underground
green hands reach up in prayer.

Pine cones crack when the seeds are ripe,
diamonds spill from a sunflower.

Two Quatrains

Why trouble myself about a troubled world
and make it worse?
I'll plant wildflowers in my wounds.
Music and celebration sweeten the growing corn.

All day the warblers talk with their echoes
back and forth in a tunnel of trees.
We are all echoes of another thing.
A good melody repeats itself.

Vanishing Species

No more long horn shrimp,
nor unicorns or moon snails,
no buffalo in the empty badlands.

The Snowy Plover and Marbled Murrilet
are chased away by a chain-saw.
Our cities and strip mines scar the world.

In a cell underground the timber barons
and copper kings confess their sins to a skull.
Deep in forests the calypso orchid hides.
A choir of wolves screams in the jet stream.


Copyright  © 2013 Hale Thatcher

Hale Thatcher was born on January 8, 1945 in St. Louis Missouri and spent his childhood near San Diego. He lived a nomadic life since then, and has recently settled in Sebastopol, California.

His steady devotion to poetry is collected in Music Crystals (Poems 1962—2008) and in A Poet’s Sketchbook (2012). Most of his work was written in the wilderness. The language is both visual and melodic: full of moods, impressions and atmospheres from the heart of nature.

He has been a recipient of fellowships at Dorland, Ragdale, Stanford and has been active in presenting poetry in multi-media environments using music, special light effects, in San Francisco at the Museum of Modern Art, Intersection, the Art Institute, The Palace of the Legion of Honor and Grace Cathedral. He also organized Native American benefit events for the purpose of improving Indian treaty rights.

Images of Change (art and commentary on the I Ching) by E.P.Dutton
Water Rocks (poems) by Le Voys Press
Music Crystals (poems 1962-2008) by Lulu
Spirit Flute (poems with photographs)
Terra (an epic poem to the earth in hand drawn calligraphy)
Sandpaintings (poems).

In addition to books he also has created many poetry and music C.D.s, tapes and films.