Suchoon Mo


in his dream
he heard a voice whisper
I have a dream

awakened from sleep
he shouted aloud
I have a dream!

Fortune Cookies

in the night of winter blizzard
a man and woman sat
in silence
across a table
in a chinese restaurant
sharing the misfortune
of eating fortune cookies

Copyright 2010 Suchoon Mo
Suchoon Mo is a former Korean Army lieutenant, a Korean War veteran, and a retired university academic living in the semiarid part of Colorado. He received his Ph.D. in psychology from University of Pennsylvania, and is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Colorado State University in Pueblo.  

He is an author of a number of research articles and papers, mostly dealing with  perception and consciousness of time.  His poems appeared in Dissident Editions, Bitter Oleander, epiphany, segue, Mad Hatters Review, Erbacce, Spillway Review, Taj Mahal Review, Ranfurly Review, Snakeskin, tryst, Journal of Truth and Consequence, Centrifugal Eye, The Battered Suitcase, Lucid Rhythm, and others.   

His orchestral music compositions in mp3 file appeared in Strange Road, tryst, Mad Hatters Review, The Scrambler,  Poets Democracy, Sage of Consciousness, and others.   Although he admits to some kind of Buddhist heritage, he does not feel any affinity toward quietism and detachment of popular Zen poetry. He is fond of music of JS Bach and poetry of Santoka Haneda.  He is always interested in observing whatever is neither profound nor deep nor meaningful.