Ruth Lepson


poem for hildegard

a cell, secret alphabet, illness, a confidante, quietude, a

wish to convey love, an inability to remain quiet, a wish to stay

quiet, a hill, a grove, desert, an herbal, a wish to show love,

a music, a need to show one’s visions, a wish to be modest, a

refusal to be meek, a sadness, a wish to remember one’s

parents, a life before—a vision of material wealth—could the

past have been? a wish to impress, love, a sense of utility, of

moving forward, what end to any action, to the infinite God, a

modesty prevents, ‘God is God because he remembers’

quotation is from Elie Weisel

Copyright 2010 Ruth Lepson

Ruth Lepson is poet-in-residence at the New England Conservatory of Music. Her books are
I Went Looking for You
, Morphology (with photographer/artist Rusty Crump), and Dreaming in Color, and she edited Poetry from Sojourner: A Feminist Journal.

Copyright © 2010 Ruth Lepson