Palas Kumar Ray

Too far isn't far away

Too far I thought was the place
where I wanted to go
far away.
Reaching there
far away from you
that place I found was not too far.

Now that I lived in a place
not far away from you at all.
I could now reach to you instantly
but too far it was
now I believed.

Always escaping
Life lives in future or past
depending on where you are
at present
one too young
greedily looking to the top
of a time tree
for grabbing life fruit
or one too old
looking below
where it had fallen.
You spend or you
just waste time,
aspiring to taste
this fruit forbidden.

Tobacco and You

Rays of hope, you came in my life
with you hand in hand came tobacco.
Only difference, you went too soon
tobacco stayed to fill your absence.

Coming back to life again

Yesterday and today
I thought very differently.
I thought I was
becoming too wise.
I thought I was
becoming almost unwise.

I thought I was trapped
in a labyrinth of calculations.
Everyday weighing everyone
with a measuring stick
of past deeds, misdeeds
I found no one was perfect.
Everyone I found defective
undependable, selfish.
Thinking this way everyday
I found I was becoming lifeless.

I thought I needed people to talk,
people to have a chat.
They need not be very perfect
they need only be people.
I felt an urge to meet a friend,
a relative or just anyone,
just someone to talk to me.

So keeping away all reasons aside
day before yesterday
I visited a friend
today again I've visited a relative.
now I'm feeling comfortable,
now I feel I'm
coming back to my life again.

The end of a life

That was probably a Sunday
or a Monday
No, Tuesday.
Could be a Wednesday also.
Could be a Thursday, Friday
or Saturday.
Well, that was a day.
that was not a day only because
it was full of sunshine.
In my life it was a cool dark night.
I was feeling cool. I felt feverish.
It could be 100,102 or 104-degrees
I stood for a while on a platform
as long as I could.
Watching the train going far away
taking you from my life, finally.
This train was so destined to come
to take you from me forever.
No, Im mistaken again.
You never belonged to me.
We were mere companions
in a journey
to forget each other too soon.
A fellow companion in life
can no way and never be said
Everyone forgets and so I was to.
No claim sustains not to forget.
My inability was only my concern.
No need to explain that I was
now completely broken.

I could not hold my pieces anymore
so I laid my worthless life breathing
hot air onto a public bench nearby.
This was the end of an episode
but for a while I thought it was
end of a life.
No, it was indeed an end of a life
if life is not the sum total of breaths.
This was also an end of an assignment
self endorsed.
So I felt free from a burden
which I carried against my will
since so long.
No, I carried that burden willingly
because no one else compelled me
except my heart.
Only I knew no way how to
put aside a commitment
made to myself.
Now I was freed from that burden
that too against my will.
Lying on the bench perhaps
for a while I thought
now it was time for me to think
what would I do next with me.
But I was feeling too sleepy,
too weak to think anymore
so I fell into deep slumber
to awake into a new world
to start living a life without you.

A window and a wall

I saw the window but I saw no wall.
The open window greeted me to look through.
I saw promises and hopes waiting for me there.
I was very glad receiving such invitation of life.
I was in a hurry to hug life waiting for me.
Eagerly searching for a door now I walked
all along a concrete wall but found no door.

Wanting to comeback to the open window
I realized, I had already lost the window also.
Now you stood before me; a silent wall
as I continued to run to and fro impatiently
searching the lost window, searching a door;
while hiding its open window the wall elongated.


In the vast realm of God's billion creations
I have to trace and interpret my exact location
measuring with acute precision I have to know
my horizontal, vertical and angular distances
perfect up to every degree, minute and second,
from those who praise God for gifting a life,
from those who refuse to thank Him for this act
from those who say they are blessed with it
from those who say they feel they are cursed.
Once I am done my friend I shall let you know
exactly where I am, how I am and why I am.

Copyright 2010 Palas Kumar Ray

Palas Kumar Ray is an Indian author who writes poetry in English. He lives in Agartala city, in the Indian North-eastern state Tripura. He was born in 1963 in a middle-class family. The youngest of eight siblings, he lost his father when he was only four. His childhood was a little disturbed, owing to many reasons including a spell of war and economic uncertainties around his family. However, he did complete his graduation in Agricultural science and later on post graduation in Business administration. Later on he joined in a service with the Government as an agriculture officer, and he has worked there until now. During his early teens, Palas Kumar Ray wrote short stories in Bengali, his mother tongue, which were published in local dailies. He was also very fond of painting and seriously thought about becoming a painter. He wrote his first poem in 2008 when he was 45 years old and when he suddenly fell sick. He posted his poems in the,  and later on in 2009 he joined in Palas Kumar Ray thinks he has a very poor command over English language and vocabulary, but he feels great satisfaction sharing his thoughts through poetry with international readers which he also considers his best achievement in life.

The poet deeply feels that his poetry is a blessing of his departed mother who died of cancer after suffering eleven years, and who had lost her voice and lived on a liquid diet until her demise at 82 years of age.

The poet has two self-published poetry books namely 50% of Love and Prose of Life at  These two books are now also available at in hard copy and in Kindle editions.