Federica Galetto  (Nightingale)

I am

I am like a stone under your tongue

I am the bride's veil

and the drop of salt into an ocean

I am an empty jug and the lost water

your arm and your wrist in a land of sounds

I am the hole you have filled

and the coat that you need



gold and soul

I am the descent you walk right through

And the desert you’ll obey

I am everything

And now I am gone

(ghost in your mind)

(I am)

The conversation

So talked the spread petals

sounding on the black womb

Earth of melted hope to the

miserable rests of the world

like divergent wings to the incomplete sounds

Break the lifeblood a cruel greed

I feel myself decaying and falling

to the sounds calmed down by the wind

A myriad of starving eyes on God’s chest

And still saints’ and children’s laces

crying out for stars in a cloudy sky

assaulted and twisted

where no passing day stands up again

If ever resists

Next to the weak echo of a rained breath

Clouds in the sky

Among the flowers, a Mystery

Have you ever

Have you ever heard of my granitic soul?
A crooning crown on top, a steel- plated
lace around the neck.

Have you ever seen my watered eyes?
Two pure gems in the middle, a flooding
joy hold in a flock of seagulls flying
to the heart of this earth.

Running against a desperate quintessence,
there I find a floe, a limpid lineage
I descend from as a queen without a king.

And still drops run away, the sky dissolved
in a gloomy cloud where I sit and wait for the
day again, beautiful screen of devotion
in a mist.

Copyright © 2010 Federica Galetto


Federica Galetto was born in Turin (Italy) in 1964. She lives in the countryside, in a small village on the top of a hill. In 1993  she had her first short story “La stanza di Giulia”  collected in an anthology and published by Mondadori, one of the most important editors in Italy. She writes mostly poetry. Her poems have been published in many anthologies and reviews in Italy and abroad. She writes  a literary blog  http://lastanzadinightingale.blogspot.com/ where she publishes Italian and foreign authors. She personally translates from English to Italian.  At the end of July 2010 her first book of poems was published:  “Scorrono le cose controvento” – 2010 Lietocolle Editore. She works as an after- school assistant in a primary school where she teaches English to children.