Elise Stewart


Dance By The River

I let you out of the

drawer with the -

un-ripened apples

To watch your auburn hair

dance by the river;

your mouth

drink the chorus

of the stream.

You lay amongst the flowers

your heart - lost to nymphs;

a mist of dreams fills

your eyes.

I will wait for earth

to cool;

brush your hair by


And place you back with

the apples

- until they are ripe.

The Score

I read your score in the lamp light
of a cold Winter's evening, when the fire
is warm and I am comfortable with myself.

It is easy to reach your thoughts in this mood.
A hint of remorse, a shade of regret, a soul

Your voice in each note easing through
- like a tempo slowly shifting.
Your melody - some faded lament, inspires
this mind to question -

To find something in the shadows.
Something beyond the light. The crackle
of an open fire, the comfort of a warm room.

I keep you here upon this wheel, and
let your body flow - like a vinyl etched
and a needle drifting.


Your Voice

I have found you beneath the ancient
trees and age-less spirits of the dead.
And I have met this side of you that hides
like creature-wild beneath the undergrowth,
afraid of being seen.
And I have watched your face, your eyes
in innocent stare, capture nature, so easily.
And I have been a part of you, your being.
Where spirits drink the essence of freedom,
like life to the Gods.

And I will wait here for eternity, as long as my
soul is stolen by the breath of nature; my heart
bathed by the beauty of your eyes.
As long as the wild glen calls me to listen
to your voice, and be with you forever.


Lay your hair
upon the waves,
I want to taste the salt;
trace the outline
of your palms.

I want to dive
into your eyes
and sink where
mermaids dwell;

To let the rush of waves
touch the curve
of skin;

Hear the voice
of angels
within your
silent mouth.

Copyright 2010 Elise Stewart

Elise, a UK poet, is the founder and editor of Decanto, an International poetry magazine.
Her work has been included in various magazines and anthologies both in the UK and internationally.
Among her many collections of poetry are For All Eternity, The Last Lament, I Dream Of Thee, and A Different Song... Her latest collection Paradise has been widely reviewed. She has also been featured and interviewed in various magazines and ezines, both in the UK and abroad, including:
The Tower Journal, USA
Sonnetto Poesia, Canada
Gloom Cupboard, USA
Book Seekers agency, UK

Her conversation with Mary Ann Sullivan about the poet Hilda Doolittle, is featured in Jacket Magazine.

Elise Stewart comments on digital poetry, "I like to totally immerse myself in creating my video poems. It is like creating a short film, and such an intriguing way to combine poem, image and music. It's the next best thing to a stage production, which has always been a dream of mine. I love the expression of words and how the spoken voice can convey the feeling and emotion of the poem. I also enjoy composing the music, which, like the images, adds another dimension. It is very satisfying to be able to bring all aspects together collectively."  Visit Elise's website to enjoy more of her work.