David Seddon

The Moor

The bleak and wailing fields
Of moor and wind and snow,
The stones of stile and wall,
The loneliness we know.

The grey moonwinded cloud
That steals within the cold,
The maudlin of the moor
Where solitude is old.

The persevering Sheep
That graze the leaden field,
The permanence of love,
Our hope against the world.

Mountain Beauty

Clouds like crinoline skirts cover the fell,
Hoops of maidenly white her honour bear;
Ferny slope and cairn to cwm,* round her swell
Maws of wind which whirl and whisper yet dare
Not her petticoats lift to peeping sky.
Night by lovely night the stars unwrap her
Know her fully each mound, each frond, each lie
Each knoll and bole and undulation fair.

Oh what is thy shyness, fair hill, to me
Who would know thy beauty by purl of stream
Who longs to uncover the curves of thee?
Why if thy hems be firm, Iíll come in dream:
For wild as thy beauty, wilder by far
Are the hours Iíd wander, Westward by star.

* Welsh for valley, pronounces (coomb)


Iíve heard the silence of the stars
And burnt their silver fire
Iíve plundered life from solitude
And chastened my desire.

Oh, I could wait an earth of time
As gas-giants spin their mass,
But you donít call and you donít care
So let this comet pass.


I sleep within the oceanís roar
And rise upon the azure shore,
I rig the ship of life for soul
And shall not run her keel afoul,
I sail upon the inner tide
With all the winds fair on my side,
The rudderís set, the sails unfurl
And currents of great joy do swirl.

To voyage within I set the chart
And then proceed to worlds apart.
I sail to lands of destiny
Where all the seas belong to me.


Copyright © 2010 David Seddon

David Seddon was born in Liverpool and became interested in poetry from an early age. Liverpool is a very cultural city, full of the arts and with a thriving poetry community. He has written since his teens, but life circumstances made him take a break until a year ago. Studying for his MA in counseling has rejuvenated his interest in poetry at a time when he got in touch with his deepest self. He reads poetry voraciously every day and always has about 4 books on the go at once.

He enjoys some contemporary poetry, but not all. He likes poetry to be musical and to speak to him. He aims for the same in his own poetry. He prefers to write with rhyme, metre and lyricality, but writes musical free verse when the subject suits it. His favourite subjects are life, the soul, love and nature.

His favourite traditional poets include Eliot, Yeats, Frost, Tennyson, Shelley, Hardy, Larkin, Blake, Donne, Clare, Millay. Of the living poets, he likes Carol Anne Duffy, Roger McGough, Fleur Adcock and Mary Oliver best.

He has many poems out in print in various magazines and hopes to have a book out soon.