David Fraser

His Truth

Can he really know his own truth.
He only sees the soft chair,
the desk, the light
inside his room.
He doesn’t have the option
to enter any other room
to sit down at another desk
and tell his story.
He is stuck with his own truth,
his own voice to tell it.
Don’t condemn him
if he is not entirely kind
about the truth.

Three Shelties

He watches three shelties,
two brown, one black.
They wade into the river
without Martin
with his cap askew.
His widow walks them, now.
They stand in the cold flowing water
not sure of what to do.

In A Mood

A darkness of mood creeps in when he is silent,
feels lost to the world.
Everyone has a serious face,
a hidden agenda.
Even laughing clowns are ominous.
It is a feeling of impending doom,
nothing to look forward to,
no more parties,
the band gone home.
Even friendly dogs give him a wide berth,
tail between their legs.
He keeps coming upon dead animals.
He sees a crow perched on a limp branch,
without a shadow.
Everything keeps going on
despite his mood.
The bark of a neighbour’s dog,
bird song, something
rustling in the bushes.
If he listens carefully he can hear
whole civilizations at work
within a rotting log.

Copyright © 2010 David Fraser
David Fraser lives in Nanoose Bay, on Vancouver Island. He is the founder and editor of Ascent Aspirations Magazine, since 1997. His poetry and short fiction have appeared in many journals and anthologies, including recently, Rocksalt, An Anthology of Contemporary BC Poetry. He has published three collections of poetry, Going to the Well (2004), Running Down the Wind (2007) and No Way Easy, 2010. To keep out of trouble he helps develop Nanaimo’s spoken-word series, WordStorm. www.wordstorm.ca

Home Site: www.davidpfraser.ca