Cassie Melcher

Losing Me

Walk slowly down the hallway
Watching my reflection in the mirrors as I pass by
Looking more angry, more sad day by day
Desperately asking myself why repeatedly
Feeling myself drift away slowly
Replaced by an empty shell
Never caring about anyone or anything
Those strong moments rise
When I'll recall who I really am
I'm scratching the surface briefly
Wanting to beat against it
Pull every hair out of my head and scream
Until my deafness ceases
Hearing myself again
Feeling myself again
Watching as the disease
Is washed from every pore of my being
Bringing back the vibrant
Carefree person I know I am
Killing the darkness
So that it may no longer hold me
In it's clutches
Squeezing my heart in an
Unnatural rythm
Sucking the color from it
Spreading blackness
Throughout my skin, my heart
Until I'm someone else completely
Pushing everyone away
Fearing closeness
Being, feeling alone all the time
Wanting to hold that someone close
and never let go but on the outside
I show the opposite
The only savior I see
Is other people's help, care, love
Medication of the brain
To fix the imbalances of life
So I can finally feel
Normal once again


Nature (What It Means)

The evergreens represent tranquility
Breathe the breeze you feel
Blowing the strands of hair
That have fallen to surround your face

Nowhere more peaceful then the scent
Of the outdoors swirling around
Creating a bubble of peace
That you never want to escape from

Whenever you feel lost
Walk into the trees and surrender
Your soul too the beauty

All the sounds will replace
Any negativity with nothing other
Than what you want to feel

Imagine the possibilities
Get up from where you've fallen
Twirl around until
You can't get any dizzier

When the world stops spinning
Delve into your thoughts
Forget about your problems
Make what you want come true

Become the person you can be
You were meant to be

Stomp on all the unwholesome
Events and bring about your
Transformation you see coming

Nobody sees what I see
Nature represents exactly this

Everyone goes somewhere
Quiet and peaceful to think
Only when it's convenient
Do we care about what surrounds
Us, but really it's always
Important and if we keep turning
Our heads the other way

It will be consumed by our evil
and we'll be fed right along with it
To the end of the world
The end of existence

Copyright 2010 Cassie Melcher

Cassie Melcher grew up with her mom, her brother Ryan and sister Hannah. She always looked up to her grandmother who was the most amazing person in her life.  She is in college to pursue an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education and Business. She aspires to open a pre-school and direct it. That is her realistic dream.  Her passion is singing and writing, and that's what brought her to write these two poems. She also hopes to do something in her life with her songs.