Briana Rose Lucero


You speak of me

As though you have forgotten

That I once stood in front of you

So close, so tightly held

There, wrapped in your vines of tender

Binding me in a heart I felt

Thrumming against your chest

Reminding me of a caged, jackrabbit

Trying to get back into desert soil

Just to burrow down into the cool earth

Instead, to blow away like tumbleweeds

Dried to a crisp from the southern sun

Because it was too late

A sun that was always burning me as I slept

So I turned my back on it

As it rose over the Sandia’s

Boiling my blood

Till the whistle blew from my ears

Telling me it was time to lift my two feet

Those two feet that tried to convince me

Of imagined roots planted

In soil of my family steps

As they marched across this land

That has never accepted me

Strange and distorted because

I wouldn’t hop on the lap

Of every barrio boy

Somehow I was convinced, never-

That I belonged here

Tied to a history that is now printed in books

In features on my barely tanned skin,

As I seek out clouds to hide from the rays

That have never been kind to me

Reminding me of summer days as a child

Where being corned near a black sedan

Was a withered mans master plan

And I couldn’t run away, I couldn’t get away-

But now maybe there is a chance I can,

As my hearts sings of fertile soil in a far off land

A canopy of green to shelter me

Rain to wash it all clean

Saying goodbye to those gray summer days

And those memories of that black sedan,

And those damn withered hands, that shouldn’t have

Because I should have had those days of innocence’s

Those days of golden

But my heart was left in pieces

And now I am a woman who is too wise

And sometimes to cautious,

That peers with her family’s brown eyes

Passed down through generation

Never belonging

Because I dared to dream, I dared to hope

I dared to scream, a silent sound that was never heard

Until I found a pen and put that scream into a steady stream

Of words that bled upon page after page

Turning a scared girl

In to this woman that can stare off into the distance

Still unafraid to dream, and reach

For those moments in life

That carry me back to a beating heart

That wraps the vines of life around my spirit

Holding me close reminding me

I am capable of love

I am capable of opening my chest

To allow a tangle of emotions within to burrow

Like a jackrabbit hiding from the desert sun

Waiting, for rainy days

Once Upon A Child

As the night's black fades away

Dawn is the blue that speaks my name

In whispers calling upon my heart

Eyes opening to the chest of hope

To find the box is half full

While my mind wraps around confused

Heavy the weight that lays upon my breast

It mourns the passing of minutes

Shifting in sand, hidden

Time lapse photos playing

Skipping a picture

Missing a moment of youth

Reaching out with my hands

Sifting through the burning embers

Smoldering behind my eyes

Washing the ash away with tears

Clearing the view to find the image

A scene once played out in a dream

Sitting upon a memory of swings

Flying through the sky, rocketing to the moon

Just so I didn't have to be alone

Catching the wind with my feet

Bare is the emotion that haunts me

As a child was stripped way

Only to be found again

Slipping down a mountain

To walk along the edge of world

One foot in front of the other

Arms spread to catch the air

As it embraced me in swirls

Pulling on my mind

One last time to take me away

Into a field of flora, enchanted

Sitting among the flowers

Holding daisies, remembering to smile

As my hand tries to hold

That once upon a child...

That once upon a child...

Not So White Tennis Shoes

I kicked up the dust

With those not so white tennis shoes

In my faded jean shorts and white T

Riding on a bike to nowhere

Stopping at the edge of a road

Where I didn’t belong

I tried to pick left or right

Always too afraid to wander far

Yet never wanting to come back

I stood at the foot of the grave

She was in there

I didn’t understand

My grandmother gone

I held the hand of the unknown

My heart hurt, my head hurt

The cries that echoed through the church

The first time I question faith

The moment I began to step away

I was alone, faces unknown

Passing a little girl with wide eyes

The thought crossed my mind

As tears ran down my face

She has finally left me, escaped

Free of a reminder of not enough

Till store clerk came along

Holding tight my hand

Returning me to my mother

I crouched behind a corner

Yelling again, I tried to shut it out

Reminding me of hot food

Flying through the air

The packing, the leaving

Missing my dad

Who is that man?

Till I was safe again, no place like home

Back in my daddy’s arms

I swung on a swing

Flying high through the sky

La Llarona is coming, la Llarona is coming

So faster and faster I went

As my heart picked up the pace

Adrenaline biting into my mind

Fear of a legend , when reality was worse

Swaying from metal chains, all in fun

Young under that too hot sun

I sat, biting deep into the apple

Little, green, tangy, sweet, worm free

Warm from a summer day

Long braids swaying along my back

Sun in my eyes

He came along, smile faded

Run along home, run along home

So I ran as fast as I could

With those not so white tennis shoes

Kicking up dust on that old dirt road

© 2010 Briana Rose Lucero

For the longest time my emotions were silenced until I picked up a pen and found my voice.

I was born in raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico in what we call here, the south valley. I always had a story teller side to me, writing short stories to pass the day. I would experiment with poems & stories. Through my stories and poetry I released many hidden emotions that I had buried deep. I was able to find some solace and healing through my writing.

Through life there is much pain, and to be able to voice it without fear is a beautiful thing, I had to discover that on my own and I did. In June of 2009 I found comfort in blogging my poetry online. My site on, Myspace, was only open to friends and family. I was not aware of the larger community of poets that existed until I finally decided to open the door to courage and change my profile to public and began interacting with the poetry community. What I discovered was not only a community flowing with emotions, writing, and talented poets, but I found wonderful friends. Since then I have been on a true journey of inspiration and love, leading me down a path that I can fully embrace with two arms.

I have published my first book, the title is Evolution of Heart, as every day I am evolving. Through my writing I dive deeper and deeper everyday finding a deeper understanding of self. I also like to dive into the art of spoken word. I am still finding my footing in this area, but I truly enjoy every minute of it. I can be found on Reverbnation, Facebook, Myspace and Flexwriters Creative Network.