Maria Clara Roque Esteves

Paper sleeves

Well, nobody can say
I didn’t try.
At sixty I assure you
Once, many years ago,
I descended a red carpet
And curving staircases.
A white organza dress
And a dream that rotted my innards.
No one could know.
At that time
That only flowers were permitted..
Today, sometimes
I feel an arrow crossing my heart.
Some friends say:
“Pay attention, you were loved in your youth
You are beloved today,
Never alone at the Party of the Life and
You still dance with no leaves dresses”
But, let me tell you, friends
Sometimes, I need to pin paper sleeves.
I feel much more comfortable
To complete some formalities.

CRE ( August, 2009)

Just because
We mixed sweetness and fruits
between the wings and the flight
glue our bodies
in the same dust.
And lovely glue again and again
when I remember the moment
running the border of your body
I drink the whisper of your face
wait for the silence of the night
draw  the lines of your lips,
and wait for a word
There is nothing but silence.

just because...

Construí sonhos ( politico)

Do tempo que levei a sepultar palavras
Das palavras que transformei em silêncios
Dos silêncios que deixei sem repouso
Do repouso a que lancei fogos
Dos fogos que secaram fontes
Das fontes que me levaram a memória aos rios
Dos rios que sem trégua derrubaram minhas pontes
Das pontes donde mirei abismos
Dos abismos onde redescobri a minha dimensão
Da dimensão onde instalei a minha resistência
Da resistência onde me perdi em labirintos
Dos labirintos da esperança que me restou
Construi sonhos
Para que ninguém desse conta
Que as palavras sepultaram silêncios
Condenaram vidas
Adiaram lutas
E que num planeta sem luz pode morrer uma bandeira.

CRE ( Maio de 2009)

The sunset

I always get sad with the sunset.
It is as if all nights were cold
And my imagination could no more be fertilized.
But there is a comfortable sadness
In my soul, in my body,
And all the peace of the world
Sits down on my lap
And I get no more confused
About the mystery of Life
Because everyday seems an incredible day
My thoughts are a very nice company
And I am no longer alone walking the nights.
Swept some feelings
Everything is clean now
And I enjoy a brief fire coming from the sea..


Copyright © 2009 Maria Clara Roque Esteves

Maria Clara Roque Esteves  has studied languages and literature both in Coimbra and Lisbon Universities, and also has a degree in Social Sciences, finished in 1973, Lisbon.  She has been writing poetry since she was fifteen years old, attending a high-school in Mozambique where she won school prizes for her work.
She has been employed for 36 years on the Lisbon City Council, both as a Technician and Director.