Charles Robert Hice



Fourteen Layers of Light. All white variance of bright. Some dim some shiney but all of them were white. Ivory Porcelain Parrifin Sugar Cloudy Linen Horseywhite. Bright to Brighter in mye night. No color in THIS rainbow White Snow Paper Salt Dogwood Flower Whitewash Paint DogRunt, Ghost. Fourteen layers of White on white no offwhite yellowish flower petaling. The combination of the layers sum total of mye fears. The sin that Jesus called it Crimson Red shall soon be White again. White as white as Snow on a Dogwood fenced with paper, sugar, salt filled clouds of linen billowing ivory like the keys of Parrifin waxing near a porcelain base. Riding a White Horse saving Runt Dogs. Jesus Comes. In fourteen layers of light tonight. A GHost. FourtTteenLayers.


Copyright 2009 Charles Robert Hice

Charles Hice Bio

I am Android ICI CharlaXAndroidSevenOne
A Poet. Jesus Freak Poems and Love Poems.
         A Jesus Freak. eye believe in him
      A Homeless. no where to call my home.