Anita Johnson


"Prescription: Laughter"

Laughter: a natural multi-purpose remedy for
pain, weight-loss, lack of muscle tone
and complimentary to enjoyment;
easily obtained without prescription.

It is also a drug-free way to feeling good.

Laughs come in all dosages (listed in strength from weaker to strongest)

Smile Maker: spontaneous inner glow shown in the form of human facial expression & LOL's online text.

Chuckle(s): small incremental burst.

Actual Laugh Out Loud: spontaneous audio as opposed to a Smile Maker. It is stronger than a "Chuckle" but weaker than "The Belly Laugh."

The Belly Laugh: stronger than an Actual Laugh and more genuine than a Chuckle.

The Brought-to-Tears: an explosive, compulsive and uncontrolling continuous laugh that literally brings  you to tears and can be often followed by high pitch squealing.

Taken as needed but necessity not required.

Copyright 2009 Anita Johnson

Anita Johnson, is a professional photographer, a writer and artist,
born in Boston, MA and currently residing in Southern New Hampshire.  A single mother of two beautiful ever-growing teenage boys, she is attending college at Manchester Community College where she is studying Graphic Design & Small Business Management.  She loves to help others by volunteering and giving to others. She volunteered last year at a community library, being part of a knitters club that made items donated to various places throughout the city for seniors, clinics, and people in need (a photo slideshow is on her webpage and at the archive of her blog: