Alex Chornyj


Mirror Like Surface
Your words are more refined
You have intuitively
Travelled to energy centres
Which have altered your vocal inflection,
To such a degree
That streams to other portals
Upon hearing your thoughts
Reveal to you an entrance to their domain.
You have followed these channels
Which in you strike a chord
That elevates the strings
To permit this inter-dimensional journeying.
Your voice has been recognized
By life forces dwelling in each existence
In your state of metamorphosis
Your spirit begins to resemble,
The flutterings of a butterfly
For you are at a pace of gyration
When gateways become visible
Just by the frequency at which you interact.
Each place you come in contact
Leaves both, forever changed
You are one in transition
You enable others to come after.
For you are blazing a trail
Uncovering the inconspicuous
Putting in motion
What for long has been idle.
As you venture farther
You get the distinct feeling
Of a specific familiarity
With the grounds upon which you traverse.
In you becomes embedded
Residue from a past walk
Which in others is reflected
Through your mirror like surface.
You are that beacon
The ring that gives others reason
To again search out their roots
To find that which is no longer out of commission.



Copyright 2009 Alex Chornyj

Alex Chornyj has been published in books, magazines, journals, and in online sites such as He has also appeared on many blog talk radio spoken word programs such as Shaman's Hand and The I speak Project. He has been writing for about 31 years, and his writing in that time has evolved as his conscious awareness has expanded its peripheral vision.  His thoughts are influenced by his being a reiki master.