Wesli Court



Your birthday’s rolled around again,
                    Jean, sweet Jean,
And I can still remember when
A robe of years had not yet weighed
Upon the figure that I prayed
Might be the instrument I played
          Upon. I did not know
I was the prey, you aimed the bow
                    Jean, sweet Jean.
We caught each-other, that’s the truth,
                    Jean, sweet Jean.
We made a bargain: youth for youth,
And we have been together now
Too many years to wonder how
Many more time will allow.
           All we can do is pray
That it will grant another day,
                   Jean, sweet Jean.
Someday one will be left behind,
                  Jean, sweet Jean,
To search the hours perhaps to find
That he or she just cannot bear
To walk a barren thoroughfare
Into the mists of who knows where
            Without the other one
Only to find we are undone,
                 Jean, sweet Jean.

Copyright © 2009 Wesli Court