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toward a grammar of being
by Julie Waugh

This collection of poems ordered under grammatical categories such as "future tense,"  "bare infinitives," "possessive phrases" and "simple past," offers poems that use grammar in the old way, the right way, a way that provides words and sounds as spring boards to  ideas.  Waugh's courageous poems are social, personal, philosophical, and chock full of splendid metaphors.  Her aesthetically pleasing juxtapositions of images, sounds and ideas satisfy the human soul.
Published by Interactive Press, Brisbane, 2009
Released quietly in mid summer 2008, this philosophical treatise, broadly written in the form of a long poem, is destined to softly alter contemporary poetry... like salt. In this manifesto, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino teaches the meaning of logos and the true role of the poet in society.  This book can be downloaded free from E·Ratio Editions.

Frieda L. Levinsky is a writer with a bold, relentless voice, determined to make her mark in the world.  A survivor of the Holocaust, a number of her poems consider that frightening era, but her poems are also self-reflective and reveal a deep love for nature.
Frieda's book,  Enlightened Ambiance, can be purchased from Xlibris books.


Mary-Marcia Casoly's poems wedge the five senses, pushing them by means of honest, common sense. With an Introduction by Jack Foley.

Pantograph Press / Goldfish Press  Berkeley / Seattle, 2002
For copies write to: Run to Tenderness, Pantograph Press, 2569 maxwell Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601-5521 

Dana Gioia calls this collection of Jack Foley interviews and essays about poets and poetry from the San Francisco bay area a "necessary" book for Californians.  I'll add to that.  It's a necessary book for all poets and critics, regardless of geographic location, who seek to know more about the evolution and philosophy of poetry, (includes Jack Foley's interviews with Gerald Vizenor and Allen Ginsberg).

Pantograph Press, 2569 Maxwell Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601-5521 

A unique collection of haiku, by Adelle Foley, that brings this poetic form into social commentary.

Pantograph Press / Goldfish Press  Berkeley / Seattle, 2002
For copies write to: Along the Bloodline, Pantograph Press, 2569 Maxwell Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601-5521 

If you enjoy long poems, then Ivan Arguelles' book, Madonna Septet, in two volumes, is one that you will thoroughly enjoy.  Each book is  about two inches thick!

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