A Conversation with Myself
by Isaac Brake



Pain,    darkness,         more pain,     sharp,                 whatís wrong with my leg?

Something on my face.                       Stabbing, shooting pain.

What is that taste?                  Dark stains, itís sticky on my face.

What is that?               The air bag!?               And, blood!

What happened?                     Shattered glass, the lights are on.

A tree.             Smoke, there must be fire.      Oh no!

Three Cís, Three Cís.                          Gotta get out, gotta open this door!

Calm down!

Itís stuck.        PUSH!                        PUSH!

It wonít move.                        PUSH HARDER!

Have to calm down.                Check for flames.

Donít see any.

The smoke isnít getting worse,                      

Thereís gotta be flames.                      Donít worry about that, push that door open!

It moved.        It moved again!                       PUSH DAMNIT, PUSH HARDER!

What happened?                     It doesnít matter, OPEN THAT DOOR!

No flames, I can breathe ok.

Maybe there isnít any fire.                  Just get that door open.

How bad am I hurt?                Donít worry about that, You can find out after.

There.              It moved again!                                   Push! There.

Itís open.                                 Itís not enough.

It has to be enough.                            Pull.     Pull, reach out and grab to get leverage.

Good.              Pull again.

Half through.              Ok, again.

One more time should do it.

Breathe.                       Youíre out.

No flames.                               Stand up and check it.

Nauseating, horrible pain.

What happened?                                 Get back up.

Ahh! More pain!        

Something is wrong with my leg.                   Check it.

Itís not my thigh.                    Lower.             There. There it is.

Is it broken?                It must be.

Thatís, thatís bone?                 Gotta be.

Thatís why I canít stand.                    Check for flames.

No flames.                   Call 911.

No service.                              Try anyway.

Nothing.          Try again!

Nothing.                      Thereís got to be!        Try it AGAIN!

Nothing.                  SCREAM FOR HELP!

Echoes.            HELP!

Echoes.                        Listen, was that a response?

What else is wrong?              Scream again!

No one is going to hear.                Youíre dying.

I canít. Itís her birthday.                     You will.

I wonít. Please, God, not on her birthday.                 Too much blood.

No. I canít. I can make. At least until tomorrow.                   Not likely.

I have to.                     Then scream!

There.                                      Again. Louder!

Whereís the nearest house?                      Too far.

Stand up and look.                  Your leg is broken. In half.

I have to, use the car.

Pull.                                                     Your going to make it worse.

I have to figure out where a house is, I can use their phone.

There.                                      Is that a house.

Yes.                                                     You canít stand, how will you get there.

Iíll do it.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!                      You canít do this. Youíll make it worse.

I canít die. Not tonight!                      Youíre going to.


Iíll crawl.                                 Youíre going to die

I have to make it until tomorrow                    You wonít, you're too badly hurt

She turned two today                        

I can crawl to that house and call from there   Youíll never make it

I have to try, I donít want her growing up knowing I died on her birthday

You think Iím going to die?               Yes

 I have to be calm, I can make it to that house                       How?

Iíll crawl                                                          Did you feel that?

Yes                                                      The bones are broken in half

I know, I feel it                                               Youíre going to go into shock

How long do you think?                                 Before you get to the house

I have to make it                                 Yell for help

Hellllllllp!!!!!                                       Keep doing it

I will after I move one more foot                               itís getting worse

Itís not as bad as before                                  the shock is setting in

Itís the adrenaline                               Itís shock

A few more feet and Iíll rest

Hellllllllllp! Hellllllllp!             Just wait for help to arrive in the morning

I canít it will be too late, Iím close                 Not that close

I can make it                                       Youíre close, take a nap

Iím cold                                                          Youíve been shivering for awhile now

I know                                                 The blood loss and Shock

Iím close                                                         Are those stairs?

Looks like it                            What are you going to do?

I can make it                                       How will you get in?

Donít know, Iíll figure it out             

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!                          Did you feel that?

Yes                                                      Youíre going to make your leg worse

I have to do it                                     Youíre getting dizzy, you're going to pass out

I canít thereís the last step                             

There, I can rest                                  Yell again

Not yet, I want to rest, Iím cold                     The shivering is getting worse

I know, I wish I could warm up                                 You're getting hypothermia

Shouldnít be long now                                   How will you get in?

There's a glass door, I can try that      You think it will be open

Maybe                                                             Doubtful

Reach                                                                          You canít

I can, there I got it                              it wonít open

It might                                                           nope, not budging

Thereís another one, I can try that                  it will be the same

I have to try, I canít die, not tonight                          itís useless

Almost there, this one is locked too               I told you

I have to find a way in and get to the phone              just wait til morning

I canít, I canít die, itís her birthday                                        Your going to

No                                                                               You will

HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP                       itís no use Youíve been out here for hours now

I need to find a way in, Iíll just rest a minute                                    Go to sleep

I canít Iím too cold, just for a minute

Wait whatís thatÖitís broom handle                         maybe You can break the glass door

Maybe                                                                         hit it



                                                                        Youíre going to have to stand up and do it

Ahhhhhhhhhhh                                                                       Hit it!

I am                                                                 HARDER

I have break it                                                             You have to hit it HARDER!

I am                                                                                         itís not going to break

It should                                                          it wonít

It has to                                               how many times are You going to do it, it wonít

It should                                                                      itís not

It will                                                              nope

Damn it, I have to rest                                                            take a nap

I canít I might not wake up                                                    youíre going to die anyway


Please, God, just donít let me die tonight, let me stay at least until morning, Please

                                                            You think Heís gonna do something for You?

God, please donít let me die tonight, just one more day

WAIT, thatís a window                                  You can break that, use the broomstick

                                                                                    IT BROKE!

I did!                                                                                       Hit it again

There it did again                                            now stand up and clear it out

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh                                                   You have to stand up

                                                Now clear it out and out Your jacket over it

There                                                   How will you get in?             

Iím going to have to get my leg in first                      how?

Iíll put it up first and hop to the window       Youíre going to make Your leg worse

Iím almost in                           now Youíre in the window, how will You get down?

Iíll have to drop in                              goodluck

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh                                   now what?

Find a phone                           its pitch black

Use my cell phone                               across the room, thereís red light

It must be the charger on the phone               get over there

                                                            Crawl DAMNIT

OkÖgimme a minute                                      Youíre almost there, You can get help!

I know almost there                                                    a few more feet

Almost there                                                                           get in the chair

There                                                   pick up the phone, what are you waiting for?

I just thought of something                            What?

What if the service is turned off?                               Try it

I canít                                                  hit the button, it must be on

But what if..?                                                  try it

                                                There dial toneÖ

It works!     9-1-1

                        New Hampshire 911 what is your emergency?

Iíve had an accident

© Isaac Brake 2008