The Tower Journal

Maria C. Dominguez

Riddle me this

a marvellous equation he is, I try to unfold a buccaneer sometimes
others a haunting figure
to translate him into my made-up man
I can´t resolve, I have tried all variables across the screen
our fingers have even touched but
they evade me every time I slide into
a nuance of his

Originally published in KNOT Magazine

Copyright © 2016 Maria C. Dominguez

Maria C. Dominguez was born and raised in London. She has written a book of poetry titled "Four Hands” (A Cuatro Manos) with Jacobo Valcárcel. Her poems have appeared in Blaze Vox, Retort, The Argotist, Message in a Bottle, Bareknuckle Poet and many other literary magazines. In addition Maria is a Freelance writer, translator and proof-reader. She holds a Bachelor´s degree in English Philology.

The Tower Journal
Spring 2016