The Tower Journal

Laurent Robert

Translated from French to English by the author


The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
                                 Pro patria mori.

Wilfred Owen


Wars’ haiku against
Yourself against others
So fetid desire


A sad perfection
Dulce et decorum est
Never better words


Sudden scared call
Gas ! Gas ! Quick, boys ! Somebody
Is drowning alone


Faces scowl for scowl
With passion of oblation
With seraphic mouth


Verb in the fingers
Nurse looks so far away
Cold unconsciousness

Copyright © 2015 Laurent Robert

Laurent Robert is a Belgian poet, writing in French. He was born in Chimay (Belgium) in 1969. He teaches French literature at HEH (University College in Mons, Belgium) and he is a scientific collaborator at Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium). He has published an essay, Georges Fourest ou le carnaval de la littérature (Dijon, Éditions Universitaires de Dijon, 2012) and three books of poems, Protocole du seul (Tournai, Unimuse, 1994), Dix Haïku (Wasmuël, Éditions de La Mariette, 2014) and Métro Stalingrad (Saint-Denis, Edilivre, 2015).

The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2015