The Tower Journal

Scott Outlar

On Being Real

Just say the real thing
as best you can,
without filler
around the edges,
and no filter
to stop the flow.
Just be as true
to truth
as you can be
without adding on
any little white lies
to make it sound
more palatable.
Just be the truth,
represent the truth,
and express the truth
in everything you do,
and in everything you are
for a few days,
and eventually
it’ll start coming naturally.
If not,
then maybe
you’re just a fake
through and through;
and if that’s the case,
there’s no hope for you,
so just keep lying
and bullshitting
because it doesn’t matter

Copyright © 2015 Scott Thomas Outlar

Scott OutlarScott Thomas Outlar lives a simple life in the suburbs, spending his time reading, researching, taking meditative walks, gazing at stars, pondering life's existential quandaries, flowing and fluxing with the Tao River, and writing prose-fusion poetry dedicated to the Phoenix Generation. His work has appeared recently in venues such as The Chaffey Review, Belle Reve Literary Journal, Halcyon Magazine, Dissident Voice, Dead Snakes, and Underground Books. Scott can be reached at

The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2015