The Tower Journal

Katharine Gilbert


 She was held together
              with pins
 yet not the safety kind
   but weapons known
           to milliners
pearl tipped to pointed ends

She was knotted in parts
                  with yarn
salt stiffened crusted tears
       faded in summer suns
       unraveled her sweet
                   dream years

She was pasted to him
                  with glue
       so little left to hold
     he loosened his grip
             his lies did slip
   no crease along the fold

           Her Turn

When did she turn so
     was it in her sleep
 was she out of numbers
        while dreaming
             of the sheep

Where did her lightness go
       was it in the dark
           do I say or act
                as though
           she hasn't lost
                 her spark
  When did she turn so
      was it that day
              I skipped
  just too busy had
           things to do
  she waved goodbye


Water long gone they stand
          faded and parched
     remains of his sudden gift

      Early practice canceled
           he had his place for
                 this perfect time
                          to fish
                will we call it our
                 first our only date

     Dark no more she moved
        her gear from front door
        he would never be this late

             It happens they said
                     hard swerves
                    in tricks of light
              deer move at dawn
                no sounds to warn
                 slim chance to get
                                  it right

Copyright © 2015 Katharine Gilbert

Katharine GilbertKatharine Gilbert is currently a photographer for Irish Edition, a monthly newspaper, and an active member of ASMP - American Society of Media Photographers.

A founding Board member of Poetry By The Sea Conference in Madison CT, she is an ongoing contributor to Tower Journal.

She is a graduate of Marymount VA and lives in Bryn Mawr with her husband Paul, poodles and cat.

The Tower Journal
Spring/Summer 2015