Carol Keyes

In the Field

High grass sways.
Beyond, the sun
bleaches the horizon
of its blue.
Children’s voices
at the edge
of the field,
where pine woods

The young girl sings
darning needle
darning needle
come sew
my mouth.

High grass frays
the sky
around her.
The earth slides,
the sky moves.
She sings
and the dragonflies hover
where the grass
meets the sky.

Darning needle
darning needle
I am alone.

High grass sways.

No epiphanies
no epiphanies
slide sounds
off metallic pink needles
between each
clip & sigh
clip & sigh
knit & purl
knit & purl.

The Snow Geese

The ice thunks,
the water spirits call.
Come visions,
drowning stories.

The snow geese stand
at the edge
of open water
on the river’s ice lip.
They dip their beaks
deep into the mouth
of the running river
I swim in summer,
deep below.

If I drown
I swim underwater;
the river carries me
through its cold currents,
under ice,
to the open water.

The snow geese stand
at the edge
on ice that feathers
into the moving
river’s mouth
open over me.

They spread out
over open water
their flight
far above me.

Copyright © 2013 Carol Keyes

Carol Keyes lives on the family farm in NH, where she sometimes runs an organic vegetable stand. Her poetry has appeared in various NH publications, and anthologies; she was poetry editor of re:Ports for 3 years, as well as served shorter stints as poetry editor for 2 other NH Seacoast arts and literary publications. She returns to writing poetry after a significant hiatus and the poems published here were written “pre-hiatus.”