Neila Mezynski


Choir Up

He leaned, their mouth in 0, sound eyebrows raise dipping sticking the
sly man. His face, on tippytoes upon the stage. Wants to run and dance
the butterfly he is and back in the nick of time to hear the purple
sound of 0, too close too high too round, themself . His stick. For to.

Copyright 2013 Neila Mezynski

Neila Mezynski is author of Glimpses and A Story (2013) from Scrambler  Books; pamphlets from Greying Ghost Press; echapbooks from Radioactive Moat Press and Patasola Press ; chapbooks from Folded Word Press, Men Who Understand Girls, (2012), Nap, Floaters , (2012); Deadly Chaps Press, Dancers On Rock, (2011), Warriors , 2013), Mondo Bummer , Meticulous Man (2012), Mud Luscious Press, At The Beach (2011).