Katharine Gilbert


She sleeps the calm
               dark waters
   And sees far moons
           sprout daffodils
She whispers from
  to give you peace
And sends her deep
                 blue sighs
                   to mend
                 your heart.

                                 His Gift

            A sweet and generous carver,
                                        not Swiss
                      sharp dents and edges,
                               a Pennsylvanian
                               round and smooth

                 He warmed the wood in
                       finely cupped hands
                 to pull and shape the trees
                                  - he listened.

                       No discards, his
                        squinty front tooth smile
                        Who me... ignore dreams
                                                so full,
                                                so deep.

                    That mind slender taut,
                                        wiry strong,
                     All of his years
                                    deftly turned
                                          our rough
                                   lives to beauty

Copyright 2013 Katharine Gilbert


Katharine Gilbert spent many years as Head Coach of Mens & Womens Swimming at University of Pennsylvania. She was first woman to be named to that position in NCAA Division 1 swimming.

Presently she is a staff photographer for Irish Edition a monthly newspaper (www.irishedition.com)

She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, poodles & cat.