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Although the collection of sonnets contained in this book are based on frivolous sayings found in fortune cookies, the poems are in no way trifling. Yes, they are at times witty, but even the lightest of these sonnets offers a glimpse of right judgment and sagacity.

Here is a sample poem:


 It is better to be the hammer than the anvil
                                   Lucky Numbers 6, 23, 18, 44, 28, 19


It is better to have power than to not;
It is better to be strong than to be weak.
It is better to show action than show thought.
It is better to  deliver blows than ache.

It is better to be wind that sweeps the hill
Than be the children who are vulnerable.
It is better to be showing off one's strength
Than showing mercy by the yard and length.

While some say this, I much prefer the view
Of the hammer and the anvil to renew
What's broken, and through creativity
Reshape what's seen as a dichotomy.
How little difference between "and" and "than";
How different in significance for man.


Reviewed by Mary Ann Sullivan