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The twenty-one poems in the collection, each inspired by a bird, are loosely motivated by a collection of mystical poems, The Conference of the Birds, written by the Persian poet, Farid Attar.

The poems take the form of Gacelas, small poems quick and light as gazelles. The form is explained in the postsrcipt:   "Related to ancient Moorish Ghazals, but with different structure, they were revived by Federico Garcia Lorca in the early 20th century.These poems are patterned on his 'Gacela of the Unforeseen Love.'

Although the poems in this collection are feathery and mystical, they are grounded in human suffering, presented under the guise of bird tales.

Take for example, this poem, about a captured Conure.


Gold circles on his breast, gold underneath
his one clipped wing, searching for water caged
within the fountain of my prison. Men
in green robes captured everything of him

within their images: they come to paint
his form to canvas where at length he lives
without companion, thirsting for the air
he knew at morning. Then, he felt he'd live

forever on a lifting wind, and find
the waterfall he's heard from here consumes
both gold and green, and molds them to  band
which has no ending: this is all his love,

all his desire: free him if you will
or let him search through watercourses, gold,
with leaves fallen, undying or preserved,
beneath the water in their restless bed.


Reviewed by Mary Ann Sullivan