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Hitchcock's Coffin: Sonnets about Classic Films provides a collection of sonnets  by the contemporary mistress of this form, Kim Bridgford.  Poems in this collection are  not only based on the films of Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder, but also on several of the best films of all time.  The selections run the gamut,  including Psycho, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, Citizen Kane and On the Waterfront

Although many of the films chosen were created simply for entertainment, Bridgford, with social awareness, renders them jewels of wisdom.

Take for example her sonnet based on the Joseph Mankiewicz film, All About Eve. In it,  the world of the theatre becomes a hidden metaphor for any profession, including, let's face it, the world of poetry.

All About Eve

How far will people go with their ambition?
Make up a background? Sabotage a friend?
Sleep with a critic as means to glittery end?
Decide that talent is worth the calculation?

Too far, too far.  That's what we're left to think,
When friends are scattered, and no one's in support.
But in the world of theatre, the hurt
Is hidden in applause, and those to thank.

And in this world of gold and cynicism,
A younger actress looks through just the prism
Of awards, and banquets, and names arrayed in lights.
She doesn't know, as yet, of all the fights
Played out among the silent enemies
Who choose their friendship over goals like these.

Reviewed by Mary Ann Sullivan