Jane Hirshfield, G.P. Skratz and Toad Pink




D                           G
Always you were given
                A                D
one too many, one too few.
D                                     G
What almost happens, doesn’t.
         Em                          A
What might be lost, you’ll lose.

The crows will eat yr garden.
Weeds will get what’s left.
Yr cats will be 3-legged,
yr house’s mice be blessed.

        Bm                         Em
One friend will take yr husband,
   Bm                   A
another wear yr dress.
           Bm                 Em
No, it isn’t what you wanted.
   Bm                      A
It isn’t what you’d choose.

      D                             G
Yr floors have always slanted.
     A                           D
Yr roof has paid its dues.
         D                       G
Life delivered you a present--
    Em                       A
a too-small pair of shoes.

          Bm                          Em
What almost happened, won’t now.
         Bm                        A
What can be lost, you’ll lose.


Poem © 2012 by Jane Hirshfield
Music © 2012 by G. P. Skratz


Jane Hirshfield is the author most recently of Come, Thief  (Alfred A. Knopf, NY, 2011), her seventh book of poetry.   “Three-Legged Waltz” appears in Come, Thief as “Three-Legged Blues.”

Her poetry speaks to the central issues of human existence—desire and loss, impermanence and beauty, the many dimensions of our connection with others and the wider community of creatures and objects with which we share our lives.

Toad Pink

G. P. SKRATZ (music):
G. P. Skratz has previously set poems & lyrics by John Keats, Jack Foley, & Hash Flash to song, performing them most often with his long-standing band, Smooth Toad, & now with Toad Pink as well.

TOAD PINK (performance):

Reddy Lieb
(vocal, classical guitar) is an artist, teacher, singer, dancer and nature prancer.  Her work can be seen at

Jean Robertson (vocal, piccolo, rattles & castanets) was the principal flautist for the Connell Purves modern jazz ensemble, sings with Variety Pack singers, studied Middle Eastern drumming with Mary Ellen Donald, and is currently in love with her ukulele.

G. P. Skratz (rhythm guitar).

Norman Rutherford (recording engineer) has long been the secret genius of recording at San Francisco’s Theater Artaud & is now "going commercial," accepting all comers.