James Piatt


The Evening’s Soft Glow

In the softness of the evening’s glow
As the ocean tide arrives in cerulean blue,
I marvel at the gleaming stars above so true
As they gleam upon we poor souls below.
The sea’s current brings in things so slow,
Like a ship’s broken wheel and an old shoe
While the warm sands the winds, eschew.
Then when at dusk, time moves so very slow,
My soul exalts in the gentle peace, and
Within my mind happy memories grow as
Dark thoughts are quickly washed away.
As depressing feelings, begin to decrease,
A warm mist of serenity comes to stay, and
Sad misgivings begin to go.

A Spring Brook

A spring brook meanders through meadows and strands,
Like some unsolved thought weaving a lost theme, while
Creating colorful visions of a spring wrapped dream.
It pushes deeply into colorful flowered lands, amidst
Sycamore trees green with spring’s dampened hands.
Flowers flourish along side the flowing stream, where
Downed-trunks and boulders with varied seams
Form fresh walkways for my future summer plans.
My wandering and aging mind does not complain, and
The spring’s windy vagaries I do not forsake,
For a balmy peacefulness doth royally reign, and
In the midst of this lofty dreamlike state,
Soft billowy clouds above I do not deign, for
Smiling to myself, a serenity I do partake.

Copyright © 2012 James Piatt

James earned his B.S. and M.A. from California State Polytechnic University, and his doctorate from Brigham Young University. He is a retired professor. Two of his relatives, John James Piatt and Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt, were prolific poets who wrote their poetry in the mid eighteen hundreds. Their poetry has inspired his poems.

James was the featured poet in Word Catalyst Magazine in 2009, and Contemporary American Voices in 2010. Long Story Short selected one of his poems for the poem of the month in 2011; Phati’tude Literary
in their spring 2011 issue featured an interview with him. He has had over 200 poems published in over four-dozen magazines and anthologies during the past two years. Two of his books of poetry will be published this year by Broken Publications.