Dawnell Harrison


Ode to the Beatles’ song stuck in my head

I want to go
to the Strawberry Fields
and watch
giraffes in art class
form human shapes
from vanilla candle wax.

Take me there.
Orange lava lamps
and melting clocks
strewn over large rocks
fill my existence
where nothing
is real, but
not so unbelievable either.

Draping my hair over the moon

The moon was lit
Like it wanted

Me to drape
My fiery red locks

Over it like
The long mane

Of a wild horse
In Montana’s wilderness.

My hair fell
About my thin shoulders

And down
To my waist

With its curls
Bouncing as I walked.

The moon just waited
For me to set flight

And land on top
Of her illuminated mysteries.


Erasure cannot happen –
Of memories,
Of sweets treats shared,
Of hands held,
Of stuff repaired.

Erasure is not doable –
Only time can soften
The hard hits
In hard times
And bring me to peace
Of knowing that you are
No longer mine.


Copyright © 2012 Dawnell Harrison

Dawnell Harrison was born and raised in Washington state. She possesses a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington. Her first chapbook entitled “Voyager” received great reviews. In Ms. Harrison’s new chapbook entitled “The maverick posse” she weaves together a thread of an underlying sense of rebellion and behavior away from what is deemed as the status quo. Her third book, The fire behind my eyes, is available also on amazon.com. She now resides in Sandpoint, Idaho with her cat, Casanova.