Darrell Gray, G. P. Skratz, and Andy Dinsmoor


A bacterium sneezing upon
film magnified a thousand times
shows a bacterium sneezing upon
a distance between trees.

That a bacterium may sneeze
is God's wish, & God's wish
a thousand times is what a
bacterium, magnified, may know.

I, on the other hand, wish
for more than vengeance, a pack
of cigarettes, perhaps, when I don't
have one, or a thousand

& one nights of opium, which I never
have had, but as
for bacteria: may we do each other
great good from great distances.


 Copyright © 2012 Darrell Gray, G. P. Skratz, and Andy Dinsmoor


From 1969 to 1975, G. P. Skratz & Andy Dinsmoor performed poetry & music across the country in The Stone Show.

Andy landed in Boulder, CO, afterward, where he formed the rock band, Zoa, & provided musical settings for poets at Naropa.  In the late 80s, he moved to Virginia, where he played classical Indian music at Satchidananda Ashram.  In the late 90s, he moved to Oakland, CA, where he rekindled his collaborations with Skratz, as well as playing guitar in such bands as the Wylie Trass Blues Band & the reunited 60s soul group, The Ballads.  In 2007, he moved to Connecticut, recently releasing the CD, Deep River Sessions (Two Boys Music).

Skratz has lived in the under-rated urban paradise of Oakland, CA, since 1975, when he began co-producing a series of “Actualist Conventions,” a wild mix of poetry, music & theater, with Darrell Gray & others at the Berkeley home of the Blake Street Hawkeyes, the theater troupe out of which emerged such luminaries as Whoopi Goldberg, George Coates &al.  His works include The Gates of Disappearance (Konglomerati, Gulfport, FL), Fun (Philos, Lacey, WA), & the ghostwritten 3 Stooges bio, Larry, the Stooge in the Middle (Last Gasp, SF).  In January, 2012, Poltroon Press launched Everything Else, collaborative poems by Darrell Gray & G. P. Skratz (with cameo appearances by Andrei Codrescu & Pat Nolan).

Andy Dinsmoor & G. P. Skratz with Tower Journal Poet Michael Bybel
at his 2nd birthday.

Darrell Gray was born 20 April, 1945 and died in October 1986.  After attending the Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa, he wrote the “Actualist Manifesto,” creating a giddy platform for the Actualist Movement.  Major publications include:  Something Swims Out (Blue Wind Press, Iowa City, 1972), Scattered Brains (Toothpaste Press, Iowa City, 1974), Essays & Dissolutions (Abraxas Press, Madison, 1977), Ruby Port:  The Food Poems of Phillipe Mignon (Sombre Reptiles, Berkeley, 1979), Halos of Debris (Poltroon Press, Berkeley, 1984), &, as editor with Morty Sklar, The Actualist Anthology (Spirit That Moves Us Press, Iowa City, 1977).  He was instrumental in bringing the glowing ember of “Actualist Conventions” from Iowa City to the San Francisco Bay Area where it sparked a glorious 15 year run.