Carly Gove



Rushing, icy water wraps around me
Trying hard and hopelessly to pull up from sea
My lungs: so wet
I have not died quite yet
Though it feels like I have, in mind
The fire of mankind
Barely burning behind my eyes
Waves fooling me as skies
A gentle sheet, cupping my face
An old friend, Death, I must embrace
Choking back words I ought to have said
For me, a tear, will they shed?
Life's passed me by, without a backward glance
But for opportunity, did I really advance?
Chances gone, time's run out
As swims by, a lonesome trout
Nose clogged up
Around my mouth my hands do cup
Searching for some long, lost air
Swirls my face, wisps of hair
Eyes are stinging, reddening, slipping forth
Waves as cold as in the north
My body sinks, deep down under
And all at once, I do wonder
Is there a scarier way to die?


The music pounds like
Shots fired from a gun,
One followed
By another.
I can feel the vibrations through my entire
The music is so loud they can probably hear it down
The block.
No one can hear anything else.
This is what I love most.
The anonymity of it all.
It's the only place that I can easily
Be accepted; the place where
No one bothers to understand.

Cold, Wet, and Temporary

So beautiful, so delicate.
They'll all melt, someday.
Nothing can stop it.
But they're pretty in the meantime.
Let's just enjoy them now, okay? Don't argue.
Just forget about the future.
We'll love them now.
And forget they're doomed.
Our cold, wet, and temporary friends.

Brilliant Blue Sky

Sunlight streams through the window,
Falling pale yellow on the
Linoleum floor.
Air buzzes with conversation
Brisk teachers addressing surly students,
Vapid, giggling girls doing their damndest
To remain so.
The sky is brilliant blue (the tired old adage),
blemished not by cloud,
But blessed not by bee,
Nor bird, nor tree.
There's a subtle
Gentleness in the beauty of the land,
blanketed by the warmth from above,
Radiant as the face I love most.

Kneel and Pray

Heels clicking, hips swishing
We walk
Fluorescent lights flicker, reflecting in the shiny linoleum floors
Teachers stand stiffly by doors, searching for something,
In the throbbing mass that stands, walks, slides, dances
To their next class, another 45 minutes
Of counting down the clock
Couples coyly kiss in stairwells,
Avoiding the prying eyes of the
Lonely, lustful, jealous teachers,
This moment is theirs.
We find havens where we can,
Hole ourselves away from the hideous warehouse of flesh and metal surrounding us
Hoping for heartache, hoping for pain, hoping for a break from the
Tedious monotony that follows us like some slinking snake
Threatening asphyxiation at
Listlessly, we carry on
Faking laughter, faking tears,
We play the pretend game of the high school soap opera,
Desperately, futilely fighting with our own ever-present emptiness
Like some great ocean storm that
Circles the slick decks of our consciousness.
Lost and stupid, we kneel and pray for relief.

Love Note

Your breath brushes at my ear
And I find myself relaxing into your embrace.
Your comforting touch pulls me into a sense of ease,
And I nearly collapse with the exhaustion I didn't know I felt.

"Thank God I have you," I murmur.
You distract me from this life,
And I am eternally grateful.
I love you in all that you are
And all that you aren't.
You are the reason I'm still here.

Thank you, my beautiful library.


 Copyright 2012 Carly Gove

Carly Gove is an eccentric 14-year-old from South Jersey. She enjoys science, writing, art and music. She hopes to someday become an astrophysicist, glassblower, or poet, but mostly she just wants to spend the rest of her life learning more. Thanks for reading her stuff.