Amy Dougherty Forest




Negative notions at first breath
I refuse to play turn the wheel
Dragged down long ago
Despite what I was once told
I make the choice, not written in stars
I decide how life should be
Self-interested styles brought me nowhere but down
I am nothing when not steering you
The power to save and make life a good place
For you
My tears are sacrificial. My smile, illusions that relocate to you
A thought has no meaning until actions evolve
My thoughts, all actions, each one, a name
It’s you who makes it escape
The purpose I question, never quite understood
Though not for me to decide
I am the writing. You are the star


Though circumstances occurred for which I should be sad 
I sit and stare to think of how I feel 
My mind screamed silent with anger busting through 
True feelings I assume 
As the realm of difficulty filled the situation I begin to shed a tear 
One drop falls slow, from only the left eye 
The right refused blink 
No force 
With half of me at sorrow 
The other composed to think 
My feelings so obscure, not easy to relate 
Without the common action 
I push to change the fate 
A mere drop, perhaps four at best 
How strange it falls from there 
This side directs the ease 
True thoughts, not strained 
For nature takes its course 


This is not an I'm sorry or a blame it on me
Call it words that are spread from my mind to the sea

Think back on the days when I wasn't around
Beyond all the moons which held us in bound

I wonder, in fact, if I made it apparent
That life is too short to be so transparent

We started out young when our lives had no meaning
The meaning was there, only we were not seeing

Our ages all differ tween three years and four
Take that to consider and think of it more

We wander through life individually searching
But alone we are not, seems there's always one lurching

I understand love, life, advice and opinion
What confuses me most is the judgment within

Unconditional love is something quite real
Only why can't it be just that something we feel

It's easy to pass it along to our friends
Who in-turn pay it forward and so on it sends

Such a force that it takes to release it to us
Though we'd rather throw daggers and make it a fuss

Again, this is not an apology brewing
Just a simple glance at what it is we are doing

Our parents are proud of the woman they raised
Not the children they know us to be

A mere fraction in time puts us decades apart
Then we push it aside to a forgotten start

Not a voice speaks out wisdom or peaceful arrangements

Maybe happy are we to be living alone
A facade of the truth that lie only at home

I mentioned before that our ages all range
Which means lessons are learned at the pace that we change

To think I was special or sort of unique
For being the youngest climbing the peak

I've made it up high, to the top as I saw it

But who's here to share my stupendous endeavors
I whisper alone while I render the severs

We all have trials that lead us to guilt
But why should that mean that we're thrown out to wilt

I don't need the help, if I did that's alright 
I've accepted my path now I'm flying my flight

I've acknowledged your days when you needed a hand
Never to leave you drowning in sand

We all have our demons, to be human is to err
It's making it personal that isn't the fair

It takes but a second to put on the shoes
Yet lifetimes could pass from assessments you choose

Proceed with your lives, trek on to your summit
Conclusion that judgments can follow with plummet


Equivalent thoughts, all relevant, our intellect twists in favor of circumstance. 
Though occasion differs vaguely, we argue unaided, when new situations transpire. 
Disregarding the past, unintentionally obstructing the pattern. 
Time and again, insisting advancement, once a chapter appears to decline. 
A mirage of life’s lessons, a delusion to those who have not concluded their flight 
fulfilled that existence found refuge thus far. 
A self-righteous sense of achievement, enlightened to recognize hope. 
A partial completion of triumph 
Installments of countless beliefs 
while relevant views appear to conquer the mind, we gain knowledge of what to expect


I held my breath and stared right in 
His eyes a grayish hue 
My heart stopped beating 
The world around me dark 
Lying there on blades of grass 
A thousand skies of blue 
No fears, no thoughts or judgments 
He knows my every thought 
My heart still numb but slowly moves 
I feel it in my throat 
Wide eyes still clamped on his 
This moment that I long for is nearly happening 
One deep breathe to reassure 
And then he moves right in 
His finger strokes my bottom lip 
My eyes begin to close 
A simple gesture 
A ploy perhaps 
I fall in every time 
One simple touch 
One tiny tap 
Explains it all to me


Write for me, you ask. Write about me, you imply. 
No words, I think. If only you knew that of all clichés, this one holds true. 
There are no words to sum up the thoughts, the feelings, and the emotional bond 
                which connects us or at least me to you. 
I envision Juliet from atop the balcony, declaring her love for Romeo 
Not Even Juliet and her dying love can measure up to what I feel for you in this current day. 
Does a rhyme make it more enticing? 

If I tell you I love you 
And show you I care 
And make certain 
I’ll always, always be there? 

No rhyme will prove how profound my love is, it’s there and it’s here and forever will be. 
              So fancy your words, which scare me in ways. 
I question why I am the one you want, or wanted back then. 
Still want I suppose if times were exact, not sooner but later the time will expire. 
Not right in this life or past lives that we’ve seen. 
I think I’d remember if you once were all mine. 
I carry on dreaming and waiting for life, to see me as you do…. 
Perfect in a complicated way


Here I sit and watch my world come crumbling down 
I cry for help but no one's around 
Silently screaming I bang my head against the wall 
It seems like no one cares at all 
Always an emotion, but how can I explain 
How can I explain 
Kind of like the scent of a rose 
With words I can't explain 
The same with my pain 
Caught up in emotion-Goes over my head 
Goes over my head 
Sometimes I got to think to myself is this life or death 
Am I living or am I dead 
The clock keeps ticking but nothing else seems to change 
Problems never solved, just rearranged 
And when I think about all the times that I've had 
So few good-So many bad 
I search for personality and I look for things I can not see 

Love and peace flash through my mind 
Pain and hate are all I find 
Find no hope in nothing new 
Never had a dream come true 
Lies and hate and agony 
Through my eyes that's all I see 
If I'm gonna cry 
Will you wipe away my tears? 
If I'm gonna die 
Lord please take away my fear 
Before I drown in sorrow 
Last thing that I'll say 
How will I laugh tomorrow 
If I can't even smile today 
Today today--when I can't even smile today 
Today today--when I can't even smile today 
How will I laugh tomorrow--when I can't even smile today 
How will I laugh tomorrow--when I can't even smile today

 Copyright © 2012 Amy Dougherty

Amy Dougherty Forest lives on the Shoreline of CT with her love JR, dog Romeo and cat Violet. She started writing at about age 12. Her inspiration comes from many different aspects of life. She considers her writing style to be eclectic and sporadic, like herself.