Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino


Conklintown Road




or mortal hear, a little chin.  a little foot. 

trouts.  and hooks. 


are tumble.  and pie.  and loss

and loving at all times


are to loss.  and loving at all times. 



at hand.  a hand, or, in prosperity.  in melon



in company. 

it is a man.  it is a woman. 


this is the scene in your favorite movie. 

this is the journey taken on foot. 


this is the orphan whose memories we cannot place. 

this is a plate of yesterday’s bread and milk. 





or mortal see,

in time and in state of mind,


a curve or fold or surfaces. 



lines.  are tortile and pie.  and given

to loving at all times. 



this little chin is an angle for compliments. 


this little foot is over the falls. 

this last curve will take your breath away. 


this is a raisin and this is a melon seed. 

this little hand is something to date things by. 


and given, to loss, and to loving at all times. 

closer, at hand



seeming, as it does, in doing so, to



are capable, and possessing

of invention


stringing fables, and pickets

diversion, and demonstration


a tailor, or teacher

often, taking person



various purposes and means


and men and beginnings

various beginnings


A pose, or situation

in view, both of houses, and cars


cities, and scaffolding

the welcome, and valediction


and earn us, at last

of motive, or character, are certain


ordinary and visible attractions

are certain visible attractions


being named, and neighboring

himself, and someone else


can smile, easily and well

and curious, and silent





is fate a being fate.  is even,

bearing, see


in rank of precedence.  a man

in knowing, and doubting everything. 


in knowing nothing.  the certainty. 

this is arrival, says


this is unity and this is distance. 

this is the form of instinct


this is the form experience takes

this is course and this is accordance,


this is space and this is sense.  and cruxes



and how the sun remains on course

and how the stars remain on course



Copyright © Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino 2008


Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino was born in Greenwich Village, New York, and was raised in both the city and in the country across the Hudson River in New Jersey. He was educated at home, eventually to enter Fordham University where he received a degree in philosophy. His poetry and prose have appeared in print in Barrow Street, The Germ, jubilat and in Xcp: Cross-Cultural Poetics and online at Pindeldyboz, Word For/Word, Onedit and at Xcp: Streetnotes.  His interview with the English writer Colin Wilson is online at the Argotist Online. He lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York, where he edits the online poetry journal, eratio, and works as a private docent. interview.htm

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino