Return to Spring
by Barbara Robinson

Spring climbs my mountain at around

One Hundred feet per day


Sweet Sap flows fresh from maple trunks

As frost heavesí tensions ease


Long silent Pemi cracks and groans

Thick river ice breaks up


Sleek otters swim the rising surge

Awash from alpine streams


With tumbling bows and icy flows

Amidst a burst of birds


Large puddles swell as snow mounds weep

White carpets turn to green


Deep thick brown pools engulf the roads

Mud seasonís in-between



Barbara Robinson

Pages in My Life

Copyright © Barbara Robinson 2008


American businesswoman Barbara Robinson is a passionate advocate for learning and leadership in multiple domains. She began writing poetry in seventh grade and traveled to England as a member of a poetry group at the age of sixteen to perform readings in British schools. Currently, she is working toward a Doctor of Arts in Transformational Leadership at Franklin Pierce University, in New Hampshire where she has engaged in writing a wide range of poems relating to her life experience, course work, and dissertation.