Lilacs in the spring
by Lee Osborne

As I awaken from a deep slumber
I look upon the dark skies
In the early morning quietness
I hear the birds chirping in the distance
They are home
Bringing to mind
Of lilacs in bloom
A change has arrived
A change I feel in my inner core
Feeling more alive
The snow has disappeared
The chill that once felt so deep
Now gone
A sense of shift has come
I step onto the muddy grass
Upset of the stains on my new shoes
It's ok I say
Spring is coming
Just a sign
The warm gentle breeze brushes my cheek
As the sun grazes my eyes
I smile and reflect
God is good
To give us the long winter
To make us appreciate
The great gifts
Nature has bestowed upon us
Such a beautiful vivid blue sky now
Lilacs oh pretty ones
You bloom so
With such fragrance
Tickles the young in me
Grateful I am to be alive
To touch mother earth
Can you
Feel the passion
Feel the love
Feel the lilacs in the spring

Lee Osborne 2008

Lee works in the nursing field, is currently attending college, and is engaged to be marrried.