My Daddy’s Gold Watch Vanished
by Frieda L. Levinsky

I am a mere six year old.
I watch my daddy place
His gold watch into his
Striped vest so very carefully.
He checks the time, the hours
Of business approaching where
Many customers: farmers are
To be arriving. He looks again
Double checking the minutes for
Opening the establishment,
The flow of commerce, the
Conversations with farmers,
The sales pitch to sell them
Textiles for the season and
For their celebrations, weddings,
Confirmations, baptiziements,
And funerals. Every aspect of
Life is run by the watch. My daddy’s
Beautiful gold watch with a chain
Like the chain of our lives
Imbued with bliss and pain.
I look at the watch over and
Over. And I see the chain, the
Chain of events etched in my
Memory who observed every
Detail of the handling of the
Gold watch, the Roman numerals,
The intricate machinery, the chain
Gracing his sharp mind for commerce,
The mind of significance, the mind
For Talmud study, the delightful
Connections and bonds we
Formed, I as his daughter,
He as my daddy all vanished
Now as the hours of passing
Took all of my daddy away
From me including his gold
Watch, vanished in thin air
Like the breaths of a Spring
Gardenia so delicate, so pleasant
To the senses.

Oh, how I would
Wish to spend another hour
Seeing my daddy handle his
Gold watch, his quick seeing
That which is real in his life
His family: my mom, my brother
And me the little offspring who
Still recalls his watch, his pride
And place in our home where
He so proudly worked with his
Gold watch: vanished, vanished
Like the smoke of Auschwitz,
Like the chimneys where all of
Golden watches were stolen
From my kin all over, all over.

As my Aunt, Ethel announced
Once in Brooklyn:
"To jest nasze."  1

1   "It is ours."

© 2008 Frieda L. Levinsky

Frieda Levinsky has been writing poetry for more than three decades. She gets inspired by certain events on her paths. She often returns to some of her fifty hardbound Harvard Classics for inspiration. Sometimes, looking at art inspires her to write. Once she wrote how Rembrandt, Chagall and Cezane would feel dusting her living room furniture or the books about them simply sitting on her marble table and collecting dust with only her examining their artistry in the serenity of her humble abode.

Frieda Levinsky's book of poetry, Enlightened Ambiance, can be purchased from Xlibris books.