Each Human Heart Revealing
by Frieda L. Levinsky

The sun revolves, rises and sets each day.
The dawn and dusk keep still appearing.
The leaf's bounty ripens on the vine.
The rose petal blossoms till it's ripe.
The apple sweetens on the tree's spine.
The orange scent captivates our senses.
The grape ripens, sweetens with brine.
The golden wheat soars heavenward.

Each living being has its own divining.
And a human heart must sing its song.
No one can pull the other heart's strings.
For only he who feels the bliss or pain
May stage his own dance in the making.

Copyright 2008 Frieda L. Levinsky
Frieda Levinsky has been writing poetry for more than three decades. She gets inspired by certain events on her paths. She often returns to some of her fifty hardbound Harvard Classics for inspiration. Sometimes, looking at art inspires her to write. Once she wrote how Rembrandt, Chagall and Cezane would feel dusting her living room furniture or the books about them simply sitting on her marble table and collecting dust with only her examining their artistry in the serenity of her humble abode.

Frieda Levinsky's book of poetry, Enlightened Ambiance, can be purchased from Xlibris books.