Yahia Lababidi and Swoon




Words are like days:
coloring books or pickpockets,
signposts or scratching posts,
fakirs over hot coals.

Certain words must be earned
just as emotions are suffered
before they can be uttered
- clean as a kept promise.

Words as witnesses
testifying their truths
squalid or rarefied
inevitable, irrefutable.

But, words must not carry
more than they can
it's not good for their backs
or their reputations.

For, whether they dance alone
or with an invisible partner,
every word is a cosmos

Copyright © 2011 Yahia Lababidi

Below are some "Stills" by Swoon
Like all good art, the work of Swoon transports us to a state.  It is a state of attention and reverie at the same time, where the artist shares with us his own intense experience of the moment, and then sends us each on our own inner investigations.  Meditations on Nature, Time, Art, the human condition, and the spiritual cost of modernity - these are some of the dizzy heights that Swoon’s audiovisual essays explore.
“Longing,” as Heidegger defines it, “is the agony of the nearness of the distant”.  Something of this delicious torment informs the dense visual and sonic tapestries found in these stills and videos. In his miniatures paintings and films, Swoon piles layer upon layer of information and sensation –ghostly voices and pathos, echoing memory’s dizzy playground, alongside snatches of half-forgotten dreams, or lives.
Swoon's vision suggests that it's not enough to think, or feel, alone. By surrendering to the delirium of his art, it is as though we submit to a trance. In this state, his  evocative artworks play upon our very nervous systems - leaving us more sensitized to the frailty, and indestructibly, of all things. 
(Yahia Lababidi)


Te veel woorden
(Too Many Words
by Swoon



by Swoon



De laatste schrijver
(The Last Writer)
by  Swoon


Hanging in There
by Swoon

Swoon (a.k.a. Marc Neys)  is a Belgian video-artist/theatre maker. Autodidact. He started out making video's for his theatre plays but got bitten in the process... Recycles images from the Internet, films his own, creates his own soundscapes and lets his work be guided by 'the word.' Uses Poetry, images and sounds and tries to make something new out of the three.

He has made video poems for the words of Sylvia Plath, John Cooper Clarke, Dylan Thomas... but also for contemporaray published poets as Yahia Lababidi, Marleen de Crée



Yahia Lababidi is a Pushcart-nominated, Egyptian poet. His latest book is the critically-acclaimed new collection of essays, Trial by Ink: From Nietzsche to Belly Dancing.

Website: http://www.pw.org/content/yahia_lababidi