Heather Newton




A reflection in the water
Longing for what is already his
Desire from vanity
Closed off from offered love
To die alone in vain


Forbidden love within a bloodline
Taken below to share her part time
While she’s gone a mother grieves
Humans panic at falling leaves
The deal is sealed with ruby fruit

The Kitty I Call Quinn

He has almond eyes of yellow,
a cute and cuddly fellow,
with meows and purrs and bellows,
the kitty I call Quinn.

He can be demanding,
but we’re understanding,
when he is commanding,
the kitty I call Quinn.

He sleeps upon my feet at night,
and hates to have me out of sight,
I pick him up and hold him tight,
the kitty I call Quinn.

He can be a bully,
his tail is full and wooly,
but my kitty loves me fully,
the kitty I call Quinn.


© 2011 Heather Newton

Heather Newton