Frieda L. Levinsky



  A Busy Artist

He twiddle- twaddled the ivory keys
And bumble-babbled in Blankanese.

All day he dabbled in the fine arts.
All night he felt pain in his heart.

He ribble-rambled on a stray path
And he wibble -wabbled with wrath.

He gulped gallons of Vermouth
And then he quibbled about truth.

He strolled with his spinning head
Then he slept in the dark little shed.

At last he trindle-trandled no more
As he thought about his life's door.

And thus he nilled empty dull days
Not racing to exit his fuzzy maze.

A Girl's Seeing Her Aunt

Come child, seat yourself
Next to the wooden table.

Watch the pomegranates
Open their hearts to you.

Smell the aroma of the
Freshness and sweetness

Close to your nostrils
As you taste this luscious

Divine goodness, this
Simple mundane joy.

Dear child: you carry gifts
of mother earth with its

Enticing hues of all seasons:
The brick, the color of Fall,

The red insight, the color of
Your blood in your veins,

Just as the red rose graceful
And bending with the sun,

Of an August moon with
The stars as accompanists

And the white specks like
The snowflakes on the winter

Ground serenely still
Waiting, waiting for May.

Child, your diurnal orbit
Is like this lush pomegranate

The tasting of childhood and
The cycles of life through

The seasons all entwined
Into the pathways of seconds,

Of hours, of days and years
Constantly mobile like a colorful

Kaleidoscope in an orbit of your
Own being, of your own seat.

I wrote this poem as I was
Inspired by Jane Hirschfield's
poem, "The sweetness of Apples,
of Figs."

 Copyright 2011 Frieda L. Levinsky

Frieda L. Levinsky has received commendations with Blue Ribbons from the Downtown Central San Diego Library.  She has been writing poetry for more than three decades. She gets inspired by certain events on her path. She often returns to some of her fifty hardbound Harvard Classics for inspiration. Sometimes, looking at art inspires her to write. Once she wrote how Rembrandt, Chagall and Cezane would feel dusting her living room furniture or the books about them simply sitting on her marble table and collecting dust with only her examining their artistry in the serenity of her humble abode.

Frieda Levinsky's book of poetry, Enlightened Ambiance, is forthcoming from Xlibris books.