Alexander Russo



  God Was Here But He Left Early

                 (A line from Erwin Shaw)

  He left early because no one showed up —
and after all the trouble he went through:
put himself in a handsome body
dressed in a glistening tux that lit up like the sun,
landed on earth in a shining new spaceship
big enough to throw a fabulous party,
all the food and drink anyone could imagine,
music of the spheres playing softly in the background.

But not a single human showed up.
Some animals did: a rhino with a broken horn
wanting a new one; an elephant with a missing trunk;
two tigers whose stripes were fading, and one lone snake
who begged forgiveness for the Adam and Eve fiasco.

Some monkeys made palm tree curtains to dim the light,
and asked God if He could spare a few bananas.

An ape told God that the scientists who had demoted Him
to Emeritus status were hiding in a bomb shelter.

After awhile, God shrugged His shoulders,
yelled,“Go to Hell,” and flew back to Heaven.

Copyright © 2011 Alexander Russo


Alexander Russo is Professor Emeritus At Hood College, Frederick, Maryland, and former Dean of The Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C. His awards in painting include two Guggenheim Fellowships, two Fulbright Fellowships, the first Breevort-Eickenmyer Fellowship given in art at Columbia University, an invitational Visitorship to India under the auspices of The U.S. Indo Sub-Commission of Education and Culture, and an Edward McDowell award. He is author of Profiles of Women Artists (University Publications of America, 1985), The Challenge of Drawing (Prentice-Hall, 1987), Vignettes, his first poetry book (Morris Publishing, 1996), and Poems and Images, his second poetry book (Xlibiris Publishing 2008). He lives in the Village of East Hampton, N.Y.