Yanitsa Radeva


Yanitsa Radeva  was born in the town of Yambol. She graduated from the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" with 2 majors - Bulgarian Philology and Literature. Her published book "Another Rhythm" (2003) won a prize from a national competition in 2002.  Yanitsa also competed for and won an award from "Altera" magazine to publish one of her short stories. Her works can be found in anthologies of essays and poetry. She lives in Sofia where she writes and is a columnist for "Literaturen vestnik."


Daughter in shadow

Who is she in the mirror? –
Sometimes you see her, she passes from room to room
Some other times she reads from many old books
That are difficult to find even at antique dealers
Sometimes you wish to ask her
If she writes letters and poems – sometimes
if still she runs between the rooms
Sometime you think she looks like you
She dresses in your favorite colors
Looks very fragile sometimes
But other time she is strong and manly
Who is she in the mirror
Flower left on the window for you or her
Giving out aroma
Who is she
Your unborn daughter or
Whatever you are meant to become


Water lily picking

With raw knees of summer
See him: a real young man
He wishes to hunt a water-star
By a single jump he’s on its sky
Measuring its beauty from a distance
And the distance to the beauty
He likes the light white halo so much:
This is what she deserves
(She the summer-fairy-tale)
And in a fairy-tale come true
He stretches a hand to the whitest white
And picks it with a single blow
And then
(Here is where usually fairy-tales hide in a pun-truth)
But he saw
The star sinking shrinking sprinkle
With marsh stains and legs of midges
Frog croaking and
Fish blisters
And with raw knees of summer
The boy is reading:
Others are ways to the beauty


My mother and my father
I cannot see where the one ends
And the other begins
Which hand waters the flowers
Which leg climbs the stairs
Sometimes I think they have reached the Garden
As they were cycling
And God was waiting there
At the porcelain tea cups

“I will do so not to be seen
where the one starts and whence the other
to be like not-begun apple”

and He hid in the sugar-basin with fruits
and flowers

Copyright ©  2010 Yanitsa Radeva